A Basic Guide To Refinishing Your Bathroom

Do you have a bathroom that is in need of sprucing up? You do not have to spend a lot of money or time to perk up a tired looking bathroom. There are a number of refinishing steps that you can take which will make your bathroom look completely new.

Install A Vinyl Wood Floor

Floating vinyl wood plank flooring is the closest you will be able to get to an instant floor. Vinyl flooring is ideal for the bathroom because it works well with the moisture in the room. This is something that traditional wood floors cannot handle as the moisture will cause them to swell and warp.

Installing a vinyl wood plank floor gives you the visual effect of wood without any of the maintenance. These floors are also very easy to install and you may not have to use an underlayment. This vinyl flooring will also come in a range of different wood types which means you can choose the tone that works before for your bathroom.

Change The Light Switch

Something that many people neglect when to comes to refinishing their bathroom is the light switch. Most people have bathrooms where the light gets left on regularly and this can increase your energy bills. A great way to solve this problem and modernize your bathroom is to install a sensor switch. These light switches will turn on the light when the sensor notices someone entering the room and ill turn the light off when you exit.

These switches will work with all types of lighting from traditional bulbs to LEDs. You can also get a sensor switch that has a manual control switch in case anything happens to the sensor. If you want mood lighting in your bathroom, you can also get a switch that offers a dimming sensor.

Add a Ceramic Shower Shelf

When refinishing your bathroom, it is time to get rid of that plastic shower shelf that you have hanging over the showerhead. You can easily replace it with a ceramic corner shelf instead. These shelves look better and will not cost you very much to buy or install. When you buy these shelves, you need to ensure that you get a flat back one.

When it comes to installing the shelf, you need to clean all of the soap off the tiles so the bond will hold. You will also need to tape around when the area where the shelf will be. Once you have done this, the tile will need to be scuffed with an 80-grit piece of sandpaper. This will give the silicone caulk something to hold onto other than a slick tile. You can then apply the caulk to the shelf and place it on the tile.

Use Bathtub Refinishing instead of Replacement

Resurfacing your tub or shower can save hundreds or even thousands of dollars over replacing old units.  Not only do you not have to buy a new unit but you can also save on demolition, recycling or dumping the old awkward or heavy tub or shower and there is no need for replumbing a unit.  At Bathtub Refinishing Pro we can also let you pick your color to match your new bathroom and we can respray your bathtub or shower to match the new colors.

There are a lot of refinishing tasks that you can easily and quickly complete to make your bathroom look newer and more modern. These tasks will not cost a lot, but could change your bathroom from a dull and dated room to something that you are more comfortable with.